Sakamoto Ryoma memorial hall
Situated on the hillside overlooking the sea, the site is visible from distance, and can be easily spotted from the sea. With its unique shape and dramatic landscape, the site already existed there as the landmark.  So we intended to create interactive relationship between the site and architecture. Visitors follow the ascending approach road along the hillside, then they continue going up the ramp to the glass exhibition hall being hung in the air, with the feeling of uplifting expectation. 
The 70 meter-long exhibition hall is suspended from two sets of group posts, and projects into the air towards the sea.  The building underneath the suspended hall is designed in accordance with inclination of the ground. 
When people unexpectedly come across a beautiful ocean view, they go through series of actions: run towards the sea, stand by the waves, contemplating the view, eventually become a part of the scene, then finally stroll back home, with memory of beautiful moments reflecting in their mind. We wanted to recreate this experiential sequence in architecture. 
The vermillion ramp way and the glass exhibition hall stand out against the shining blue of the sky and the sea, and inside the exhibition hall people always feel surrounded by the sky and the sea.