Head Office, Television Kochi Co. Ltd
A reconstruction project of the Television head office building in the city of Kochi. In case of natural disasters such as tsunami, the broadcasting floor and the studio is arranged at the top floor, and the power generator is placed on the rooftop to function as an information base. The direct-mounted ceiling at the lobby and the office prevents the ceiling from falling down when there is an earthquake, and the building adopted the oblique beaming structure to secure a broad space in the area. The exterior screen along the wall not only has an eye-catching and dynamic appearance, but it also creates a shade inside the building to control sunlight. The sea-patterned carpet in the lobby represents the Pacific Ocean. We made use of the local cedar wood to design a bench shaped as the land of Kochi prefecture, and to install the cedar flooring to exploit the feeling of “Kochi-ness” to the facility.